No: 2 Neroli + Grapefruit CANDLE

No: 2 Neroli + Grapefruit CANDLE

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Rich with precious essential oils and inspired by feelings, places, people and experiences.

Neroli is an essential oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree.  It has a sweet honeyed scent with citrusy overtones. The aroma captivates the senses first in this beautiful fragrant candle, then the fresh invigorating smell of grapefruit subtly blend to help create a Spa like aroma.  Enjoy the rich floral tones of these beautiful essential oils as they fill your space.  Used as part of your morning routine or throughout the day for its uplifting Aromatherapy Benefits.

  • Natural plant based candle
  • Designed in a brown recycled glass apothecary style jar 
  • Infused with the finest quality essential oils capturing the vital power of plant essence
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • Hand poured in small batches in Holywood, County Down.
  • Approx 35 hours burn time






Ingredients: Benzyl salicylate, Farnesol, Isoeugenol, Linalool,beta Pinenes